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About Chris Hutchinson

Chis Hutchinson began his career as a scientific instrument maker. He was involved in the manufacture of instruments that measured pH, blood analysis and constant temperature baths. During this time he completed  separate qualifications in medical, industrial, electronic instrumentation and computer electronics.  These qualifications were instrumental, years later, in his gaining employment as a teacher in electronics at RMIT. On leaving his first job, he started a new career in computers with an international computer company maintaining large mainframes. His career transited further through electronics, teaching and computers to where he Joined BHP as a systems programmer. His career path took him through to Project Management. Thoughout his career, he attended many short courses in art and In 2004, he stopped paid employment and commenced a  full time Diploma of Arts in Visual Art. He enjoyed the course so much that he went on to complete a Degree in Visual Art at Monash University. He loved every second of the course so in 2010 he completed his Masters.


The main fields that Chris Works in are sculpture, painting, print making and photography. In his spare time he began learning the cello and began a four year project to make one under the direction of a master Luthier. 2014 saw the setting up of a mini foundry to enable sculptures to be made from cast bronze. Other works include stained glass and glass sculpture.


Chris has published three books  that are available though Amazon or Blurb and at both the Victorian State Library and the Australian National Library (see links).

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